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Definition of sibilate – verb [sib-uh-leyt]

  1. to utter or pronounce with a hissing sound.
  2. to hiss.

‘I’m going to make you mine,’ she sibilates in my ear. I can feel her breath tickle my neck, and the soft slender curve of her body is warm against mine. I close my eyes. I am already hers!


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‘Hey, Dad,’ the boy said.

‘Hi,’ his father said, standing from his chair to embrace his son.

His father was a tall man, solid, with hands as big as baseball mitts—hands that had picked up his little boy and thrown him a million miles into the air, watching the tyke laugh and flail with glee before catching him. The boy smiled, remembering, and the man smiled too, perhaps with the same memory surfacing in his mind. There was safety and security in his father’s arms, a love expressed through action, and that had made up for all the absent days, the boy reflected.

His father’s smile was easy and his expression genuine, yet his hazel eyes were deep and serious and watchful as though every movement came under scrutiny, and maybe it did. His voice could command a room, if required to do so, and those large hands had been known to silence a disrespectful few, if also required to do so. He was old fashioned, moulded from old fashioned values and a man true to his word. This earned him the respect he required but it was his kindness and integrity to do right that made him a good leader and a hero in the boy’s eyes.

Excerpt (novel) – The Wish List – Grant Ackermann

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Definition of interloper – noun [in-ter-loh-per]

  1. a person who interferes or meddles in the affairs of others.
  2. a person who intrudes into a region, field, or trade without a proper license.

She knew from the moment she met her that the old woman would be nothing but an interloper in her son’s marriage and that wasn’t a part of her plan.

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Which author’s books include Coming Up for Air, and Homage to Catalonia?

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The boy entered his room and smelled the pot-pouri his mum had left in a bowl on his chest of drawers, an attempt to rid the dank odour of sweat-filled socks and shoes that permeated his room. He felt cold air prick and touch his skin, coming in from the window his mother had also left open, and yet there was still a welcoming warmth and comfort that greeted him from being in his space. This was his room, his sanctuary. He looked at the poster-filled walls of sporting heroes and pop stars and wondered fleetingly if it was time to remove them. Wasn’t he too old for such things now? Then his eyes moved to his Avengers action figure set, where they stood poised and ready to protect him at any moment of peril, and decided that no, he wasn’t too old yet.

He moved to the window to look out into the green backyard with rising blades of grass stretching to the fading pink of sunset and took a deep breath. Another gift to be savoured, he thought. He stood at the window for a long time admiring the sky as the pink turned to purple and then to grey and then to dark-blue. He inhaled another deep breath of fresh air, feeling the coolness enter his body, and exhaled a thank you out to the universe. He could do this. He could reunite his family. He could do what so desperately needed to be done. He closed the window, dropped his bag at his feet and flung himself backwards onto his bed.

Excerpt (novel) – The Wish List – Grant Ackermann

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Definitions for tump – noun [tuhmp]

  1. British Dialect. a small mound, hill, or rise of ground.
  2. British Dialect. a clump of grass, shrubs, or trees, especially rising from a swamp or bog.
  3. British Dialect. a heap or stack, as a haystack.

He hoped they wouldn’t suspect the tump in the middle of his garden to be as suspicious as it was … a buried coffin.

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Definitions for schadenfreude – noun [shahd-n-froi-duh]

  1. satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

He hadn’t seen her for many years and revelled in the schadenfreude that time had had on her appearance. ‘That’s what you get for dumping me,’ he thought.

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