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Definitions for abrazo – noun [ah-brah-thaw/saw]

  1. Spanish. An embrace – used in greeting someone.

He had watched them embrace many times before—warm, friendly, safe—but now he noticed the abrazo lingered, first arms and then eyes and he suddenly knew she was gone.



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Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.

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If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.

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Definitions for coze – noun [kohz]

  1. a friendly talk; a chat.
  2. to converse in a friendly way.

He would’ve been happy with just a drink, or a coze in her apartment, but when things escalated, who was he to refuse?

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At this point in my writing life I am comfortable with the experience. Sure it’s hard work and all consuming, emotionally draining, at times un-rewarding, seemingly endless and sometimes downright frustrating. But between the grey of dark cloud there is light, and from the fierceness of a storm there is sanctuary, and from the downpour of rain there is shelter.

Only by pushing through—by keeping on or by soaring above—do you see golden colour, do you appreciate calm, and bask in warmth. Keep going. Reflect always, analyse often, but never stop looking ahead. Your dreams await you.

Keep writing. Don’t ever stop. Forge through the grind of repetitive routine to bring characters to life, worlds to attention and stories that only you can tell to make a difference. Use your words to entertain, to bring happiness to those who can’t bear to smile, to help others laugh, to distract amidst adversity, to sympathise or uplift during sorrow, to bring understanding or evoke thought, to bring joy and light to darkened corners, to express love to someone, and to show the essence of you. What a gift! Only you can do this. Your words are the lifeline that somebody hopes for, words they need to cling to for safety or fulfilment, words to help transport or escape—words that can change lives.


Tell me your writing experiences.

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It’s amazing how much fear can debilitate a person. It can stop you from being at your best or from fulfilling your potential.

Generally, I find that people will fall into either the sink or swim category.

Those who sink usually do so because they are paralysed by fear or by the thought of failing, and those who swim find courage and determination and achieve success.

It’s a mindset. Change your mind; change your results!

Those who have mastered fear will tell you that fear will still impose itself on you in certain situations, knocking on your door like an unwanted salesperson at dinner time. But, by actively dismissing those thoughts as soon as they appear, you begin to train your mind to instil belief and courage into your every being.

I have found that in my writing world, fear is a big part of my life. I am fearful of the blank page. I am fearful of starting a project because it may get left in the pile of half-started stories or ideas. But above all else, I am fearful of getting my work out there. What if it doesn’t impress, gets knocked back or ridiculed, or simply isn’t good enough? Yes, what if it absolutely sucks? Then what? Kill me … kill me now because I couldn’t possibly go on!

Dramatic, I know, but generally those thoughts attack my mind at every step of the writing process. From starting something (don’t bother it’s too hard), to the editing stage (you have written such crap), to the workshopping process (you know they won’t like it), to finally the submission step (don’t get your hopes up, it won’t be published).

Rejection and criticism are part and parcel of being an artist, and so is praise and reward for hard work and persistence. You have to have the lows to fully appreciate the highs.

Now, after a few years at this craft, I am learning to grow above the opinions of others, to train my mind not to succumb to the paralysis of fear, and I am learning to trust me. This is my journey, and my lesson is to emerge from the shadows and to stand in the arena of life, to run towards fear and slay it like a knight would a dragon. Fear is only what you make of it and you can certainly rise above it and conquer it!


Is fear a big part in your writing life?




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