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Definitions for farouche – adjective [fa-roosh]

  1. sullenly unsociable or shy.

His confidence, brought on by a few jeering mates and few early vodka shots, had propelled him across the busy dance floor in a twirling, hip-swinging gyrate to the presence of this beauty … the woman of his dreams … this Goddess. But now, under the dull, sobering scrutiny of her and her friends, he was suddenly farouche and berating himself for ever leaving his lounge room.


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Definitions for ferly – noun [fer-lee]

  1. something unusual, strange, or causing wonder or terror
  2. astonishment; wonder
  3. unexpected; strange; unusual.

He stood on a platform high above, hands folded across his chest, watching the crowd be seduced, the ferly of strobing lights, dancing shadows and hypnotic persuasive rhythm on the loud speaker, luring them unawares to their death, and he smiled—satisfied.

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Definitions for abrazo – noun [ah-brah-thaw/saw]

  1. Spanish. An embrace – used in greeting someone.

He had watched them embrace many times before—warm, friendly, safe—but now he noticed the abrazo lingered, first arms and then eyes and he suddenly knew she was gone.


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Definitions for coze – noun [kohz]

  1. a friendly talk; a chat.
  2. to converse in a friendly way.

He would’ve been happy with just a drink, or a coze in her apartment, but when things escalated, who was he to refuse?

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Definitions for stultify – verb [stuhl-tuh-fahy]

  1. to make, or cause to appear, foolish or ridiculous.
  2. to render absurdly or wholly futile or ineffectual, especially by degrading or frustrating means: Menial work can stultify the mind.
  3. Law. to allege or prove (oneself or another) to be of unsound mind.

He seeked her mercy. He was late, so, so late. And he was drunk, so, so drunk. He managed flowers and chocolates, but no matter how straight he stood or how sober he tried to look, the vomit stains down his top would stultify him. He opened the door and wondered if he would see another anniversary.

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Definitions for conciliate – verb [kuh n-sil-ee-eyt]
  1. to overcome the distrust or hostility of; placate; win over: to conciliate an angry competitor.
  2. to win or gain (goodwill, regard, or favor).
  3. to make compatible; reconcile. 

They flexed and snarled and paced liked caged animals waiting for him. There were two. An audience gathered at the prospect. Conciliate or fight? He shrugged. The choice was an easy one. Smiling, he rolled his sleeves, balled his fists, and moved in.

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Definitions for dulcinea – noun [duhl-suh-nee-uh]

  1. a ladylove; sweetheart.

Every day he watched from across the street, waiting for his dulcinea to walk past. She was elegant, radiant and ever so beautiful. There was no harm in that, was there? He asked and answered himself in a single breath, agreeing that it was nothing more than a harmless crush. But when he began following her, he knew there was no turning back.

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