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Writing should be like your best friend. It should be easy and comfortable with a strong connection that pulls you together.

Your friend should allow you to be your authentic self, allowing you to be free to express your views and ideas in every way without judgement, completely accepting you as you are. If there are times when you are apart, your friend should welcome you back so you pick up exactly where you left off last time. Your friend will forgive your imperfections and challenge your opinions and hold you accountable for the things you say. Your friend will help you be a better person, strengthen your values and solidify who you are, and your bond will be unbreakable. Your friend will only ever support your dreams and help you achieve your goals so that you find happiness.

So give writing time. Develop, nurture and care for it. Express your love for it and never give up on it. Through the good or the bad, it’s there for you always. You’ve got a friend!

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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

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The boy entered his room and smelled the pot-pouri his mum had left in a bowl on his chest of drawers, an attempt to rid the dank odour of sweat-filled socks and shoes that permeated his room. He felt cold air prick and touch his skin, coming in from the window his mother had also left open, and yet there was still a welcoming warmth and comfort that greeted him from being in his space. This was his room, his sanctuary. He looked at the poster-filled walls of sporting heroes and pop stars and wondered fleetingly if it was time to remove them. Wasn’t he too old for such things now? Then his eyes moved to his Avengers action figure set, where they stood poised and ready to protect him at any moment of peril, and decided that no, he wasn’t too old yet.

He moved to the window to look out into the green backyard with rising blades of grass stretching to the fading pink of sunset and took a deep breath. Another gift to be savoured, he thought. He stood at the window for a long time admiring the sky as the pink turned to purple and then to grey and then to dark-blue. He inhaled another deep breath of fresh air, feeling the coolness enter his body, and exhaled a thank you out to the universe. He could do this. He could reunite his family. He could do what so desperately needed to be done. He closed the window, dropped his bag at his feet and flung himself backwards onto his bed.

Excerpt (novel) – The Wish List – Grant Ackermann

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Definitions for tump – noun [tuhmp]

  1. British Dialect. a small mound, hill, or rise of ground.
  2. British Dialect. a clump of grass, shrubs, or trees, especially rising from a swamp or bog.
  3. British Dialect. a heap or stack, as a haystack.

He hoped they wouldn’t suspect the tump in the middle of his garden to be as suspicious as it was … a buried coffin.

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It wasn’t until my third blood nose that Mum decided, with temper at boiling point, to go and speak to Johnny Lindell’s parents. She dragged me by the arm, the tissue paper still plugged into my nostril and hanging from my nose, and marched up the road in a lengthy stride and charging demeanour, which would have frightened even the biggest herd of on-coming stampeding buffalo, to the Lindell’s place. I jogged to keep up, matching my two or three steps to Mum’s one, and I knew that Mum meant business. I had never seen her this fired up before.

Afternoon had not yet settled to dusk, and the sky flared deep oranges and pinks from the lowering sun. We reached the small brick house with our cheeks flushed and our faces glistening with sweat. Rubbish and toys lay scattered across the front yard. The tall, tangled grass desperately needed a mow and graffiti marked the dirty white walls of the front of the house in a colourful tag of scribbles and letters. A window was open and we could hear heavy-metal music and voices from within. Mum pulled back the mesh of wire that served as a front screen and banged on the door. Specks of brown paint floated to the floor, settling with others that had already made the journey down from where the paint curled back and flaked away from the corroding wooden door in protest.

Excerpt (novel) – Insane Truth – Grant Ackermann

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Tuesday Trivia

Who wrote the book The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

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Definitions for calescent – adjective [kuh-les-uhnt]

  1. growing warm; increasing in heat.

He could feel the calescent vibe of agitation and frustration, a collective drive for vengeance brewing amongst these hooded vigilantes. His stomach turned. Even the truth could not help him now. Blood would be spilled tonight.

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“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robin Williams

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Whose fourth novel featuring Robert Langdon, is a mystery thriller called Inferno?

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Definitions for blinkered – adjective [bling-kerd]

  1. narrow-minded and subjective; unwilling to understand another viewpoint.
  2. having blinkers on; fitted with blinkers.

His father had warned him of the sultry seductions that came with success, but his stubborn, blinkered arrogance ignored the advice, and now he was back home and humbled with only an apology in his pocket.

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