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Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.


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I think the biggest lesson that I have learned so far about writing is to focus.

It all started last year with my first full-time writing year ahead of me. I was excited. It was a time to write undisturbed and un-nagged by all the usual suspects, i.e. my family. The writing world was mine to explore, to go anywhere and everywhere that I desired … and so, I did.

I wrote short stories and children’s stories and worked on two novels, I blogged and workshopped and edited manuscripts, I kept a journal and emailed friends and before I knew it the year was over.

This year continued in very much the same fashion. But now, three quarters of the way through the year, I have realised that my main goal all along was to complete my novels. And have I done that? No (he lowers his eyes and turns away ashamed).

Don’t get me wrong, working on all sorts of things is fun, interesting and really motivating, but it can be very distracting and perhaps a validated procrastinating excuse to your grander vision. Trust me I know, been there, done that, am wearing the T-shirt.

So, if you want to be a writer and write all manner of things then keep your focus on that. If you want to write novels, children’s books, young adult, or non-fiction, then you have to keep your focus on that and work towards those goals, right?

Every now and again, you have to re-focus on your goals and create a clearer path to get there because it is easy to get lost or drift further away.

Now I am concentrating on one book at a time. I work on it during the day, and I read and revise it at night. All my energy and thoughts are on one book, and it’s working. I feel a sense of accomplishment and a new enthusiasm to work harder knowing that the end is near and that I will have something to show for it soon.

So, I ask you, ‘What is your focus? Where is your focus? And when was the last time you re-focussed?’

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