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Definitions for abrazo – noun [ah-brah-thaw/saw]

  1. Spanish. An embrace – used in greeting someone.

He had watched them embrace many times before—warm, friendly, safe—but now he noticed the abrazo lingered, first arms and then eyes and he suddenly knew she was gone.


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Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.

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For an artist, self belief is a tough skill to maintain, and sometimes to acquire. And I say skill because I believe it is something you have to develop and then constantly maintain, build or shape so that it stays strong and centred and part of who you are. And I say acquire because if you don’t have it then you need to seriously work on yourself to get it.

Re-evaluate your creative path if you don’t have any self belief because there is nothing more damaging to a writer’s confidence than a bad review or critique from others. For those of you who have an abundance of self belief protecting you from everything that this writing game can throw at you like some fantastic force field, I take my hat off. For me, I’m not so lucky.

Self belief drives me on a daily basis, pointing me like a compass to the direction I want to go and the life I want to lead. But every now and again the thought of being judged by others, a bad review, or harsh criticism arrives like a raging storm, in fact a terrible hurricane, sending heavy rains and winds to destroy the place I have so delicately built. I’m one of those piggies who cries because his house of straw or sticks is lying in a crumbled mess. On those days, my writing seems feeble, my goals far and distant, and my unwillingness to return to the keyboard haunts me like some nightmarish dream. I can’t get back, and I wallow and mope and sigh and curse and fall deeper into that black pit of doubt, and that voice in my head that tells me I’m not good enough or clever enough or creative enough, snickers and laughs and is happy to rub it in and keep me there.

So, like the story, I seek shelter under strong foundations and surround myself with the people who know me and support the potential that is me. From there the healing begins and the self belief and focus return and the realisation that these knocks are merely there to re-enforce your desire to succeed, to look at you and demand the truth, to ask the question, ‘Well, how badly do you want this?’

So, how do you respond? How strong is your self belief?

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